At our apartment in Texas about 2015
Square Dance Pic about 2010
At our House in Bucklin about 2017

Hi, we are Bob and Marcia “Astle” Tucker.  Bob is originally from Hutchinson and Marcia from Kingsdown.  We were married in 2000 and built a house in Park City. We both retired in 2015 and decided to move to Bucklin where we had friends and enjoyed visiting there during Memorial weekend and harvest.  We bought a small repo house that we totally gutted and with a contractor, we remodeled it.  We are still working on it because Bob gets pretty lazy these days.

We used to square dance with Marcia starting in 1989 and Bob in 1990.  Bob decided he was going to learn to call and in 1991 he was hired to call his first dance.  Needing a lot of practice with a real square, he rented a school for 4 nights and invited anyone to come.  One of those who came was Marcia.  He got her number but never called!  Skip ahead to early 1999 where they were both at the same dance.  Her ex-husband and his wife were there and asked her to go to an out of town dance with them.  She said she didn’t have a partner so John said go over there and ask Bob.  She did and I said yes and it started from there.