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Hi, I am Bob Tucker.  I was at Phan Rang AB, RVN from 29 Aug 1969 to 31 Aug 1970.  I was in the 35th AMS (Avionics Maintenance Squadron), Comm Shop.  I was a 30150, Aircraft Radio Repairman and mainly worked on ARC-34 and ARC-27 radios.  While on night shift for 6 months, I was promoted to SSgt about March or April 1970.  I was NCOIC of the repair shop portion of the Comm shop.  My cubemate was a 16 year SSgt and was the shift NCOIC and Sgt Savage was the flight line NCOIC. My call sign was Checkmate 13.  I did work the flight line sometimes when I first got there and did ride the Abort truck a couple of times.

My barracks was located just SW of the MARS station.  There was row of angled barracks to the far east, then a row to their west then our latrine then us.  We had a north barracks just south of the curve in the road, a south barracks just south of the north one and a west barracks to the west.  South of the south barracks was our squadron bar area.  I was in the south barracks, bottom floor, towards the east end on the north side in cube 13 when we had GSA partitions.  When we had plywood partitions, I don't remember the number.

Right after I arrived I think on Sep 13, I was at the bar an heard a rocket coming in.  It landed between MARS hill and our north barracks.  We hit the floor and made our way to a sandbagged area about 20 feet as two more rockets went over our heads.  I as scared to death.


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