We purchased the house in Dec 2011 with the idea to use it as a getaway when we came to visit friends in Kingsdown.  That changed in 2014 when we decided to move here permanently.  It was a repo that we bought reasonably.  We knew it had been infested with termites in the past but also knew that it had been treated and that was confirmed by an exterminator.  However, as we got into it, we did not anticipate the extent of the damage.  It was all repairable however.  We took out the lath and plaster so we could expose the damage and make repairs.  Some walls were removed on both sides and some only one side.  The later was not a good idea as applying sheet rock on the plaster later made the walls thicker than normal which caused a problem with door frame widths.  But, everything is fixable, it just takes more work.  We removed the wall between the dining and kitchen and replaced it with a bar.  We removed most of the wall between the living and dining to provide an open feel and so that the table could be expanded into the living room.  There was a sliding door between the dining and kitchen so it was put on a pantry that was added where a back door to the bathroom originally was.  The old fixtures that were kept was the original tub and six wall sconces in the living room.  We also kept the glass door knobs and bought retrofit hardware to adapt them to the new bedroom and bath doors.  We also kept the original hardwood floors in the living, dining and foyer.  We had them finished by the shop teacher at the high school.  We kept the closet doors and used them in the master bedroom on the expanded closet door.  There are two closets in the hall and we have thus far kept them original. 

We have replace all of the plumbing except the stand pipes, all of the the electrical, heating and air, windows, and siding.  We built a 24x32 building in the back yard.