Bob & Marcia

Hi!! We welcome you to our web site. We have now retired from calling. Our last dance was December 31, 2011 for Circle 8, our home club. We have prided ourselves through these 20 years of calling in using up to date music, lively singing calls and some of the best live performance sound equipment available. We hope you have enjoyed your dancing time with us as much as we have enjoyed calling for you. Our motto has always been, "We call the same for 1 square as we do for 100."

I have taken up competition BBQ as a hobby. Some say that is why I retired, but not so. BBQ season is May to October and I never scheduled dances from mid May to August anyway!

Marcia and I have always enjoyed genealogy so we plan to use some weekends to travel doing that. Plus, I will not be the state callers association secretary anymore so that will free up a bunch of time.

We have purchased a vacation home in Bucklin where Marcia is from and I like going out there to just 'veg out'! Warren and I have completely gutted it and we are finishing up the trim and some window installations. Now it is time for Marcia to do her decorating thing with it. Click Here!
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