Square Dance Biography

Bob Tucker was first introduced to square dancing in the early 1950ís since his mother was a square dance caller and his father a square dance instructor. In addition to their regular club dances and classes, they taught several age groups of 4H kids to dance. However, due to Bobís extreme shyness, he never learned to dance. In November 1990 Bob graduated square dance lessons from Sheldon Lawrence in Wichita. The following January, he called his first tip for fun at Wichita Solos amateur caller night. He did not intend to pursue calling any further. Nine months later, with prodding from Wichita callers Jim George and Sheldon Lawrence, he decided to give it a try.

Marcia had taken lessons in the late 1980ís but didnít dance much after that. In 1990 Marcia retook lessons with Chelsea Swinging Squares in El Dorado. Dancing 3-4 times a week thereafter, Marcia knew that she would always be involved in square dancing. However, little did she know just how much it would be a part of her future. About that same time, Bob booked his first dance with Solos for May 1992 and he really needed practice! He announced he would be practicing and would appreciate help from some dancers. It was there Bob and Marcia met. Bob got Marciaís phone number but due to his shyness, he never called her! Seven years later a mutual friend got them together as dance partners for a dance. They were married in June 2000. They have six grandchildren and four of them dance.

Bob and Marcia were the club caller for Circle Eight in Newton, KS and they taught lessons for State Fair Promenaders in Hutchinson, KS, and Peach Valley Squares in Haysville, KS. They called throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri. They have called at several National Conventions and at most Kansas State Conventions. They belonged to the Wichita Area Square Dance Callers Association (WASDCA) where they were past president and secretary. They were very active members of the Kansas Square Dance Callers Association (KSDCA) where they served as Secretary for many years. They belonged to the Nebraska Square Dance Callers Association and to Callerlab where they served on the Mainstream, Definition, Teaching Methods and Youth committees. They served on the Wichita Festival committee for a couple of years.

Bob was known for his up to date music, superior sound equipment and lively singing calls. He believes in giving the dancers what they want which is a night of fun dancing. He calls for one square just like he does for twenty. Marcia and Bob selected the music together. Though they sometimes didn't agree on a particular song, they each respected the other's expertise in what the dancers might like.

As for his real job, the one that supported his calling, Bob is a Senior Research Engineer for the National Institute for Aviation Research which is the engineering research division of Wichita State University. He tells everyone that 'He breaks things for a living' being in the structural test department. He is the Instrumentation Engineer for the department.

Marcia semi-retired from her job as the Senior Switchboard Operator for the Cancer Center of Kansas several years ago. She works half days. She is known there for her compassion toward patients and the family of patients during a very difficult time in their life.

In addition to all that, they raised two grandchildren through their high school years.

Bob has retired from calling as of December 31, 2011 and wishes all those he taught and called for the best dancing experience.
As a tribute to Mom and Dad, I will leave this history of our square dancing even though I retired from calling January 1, 2012.